Relevant skills

I have been learning and using Java for the past three years (mostly in the context of Google backend technologies) and am looking forward to strengthen my skills in more specialized areas. I am really enjoying finding similarities between programming languages and choosing elegant approaches to solve particular problems.
Solid knowledge, DOM APIs, OOP, patterns, following Good Parts guidelines & writing clean code.
Can speak several language dialects like TypeScript, CoffeeScript, ES6+.
Frameworks & Libs ordered by usage, desc: AngularJS, Node.js, jQuery, React, Knockout.js.
I had several projects where I was closely dealing with databases: designing tables, their relations, (de)normalizing and optimizing queries, building data processing pipelines.
It's nice to follow the life of data from user to storage and back, and to be able to affect the cycle.
Enjoy using and exploring C#.
Developed ASP.NET MVC and WebForms applications (client-centric RIAs).
Barely scratched the surface of PHP world, mostly in a context of Laravel and WordPress.
Used Laracasts as a source of knowledge and inspiration.
Team leading
I have led several projects and was responsible for defining scope, delivery and in-between team activity.
I like breaking down requirements, building transparent processes and doing demos.

What I am looking for

I am interested in solving challenging engineering problems, mostly web-related.
Algorithms, Data Structures, Software Design, Right Tools for the Job? Love it!

Recent work

April 2016 - now

Recommendations platform
July 2018 - now
  • Designing and implementing components of a distributed system, which generates customer recommendations, tracks if these recommendations were applied and calculates respective metrics.
  • Building data-intensive pipelines with several SQL layers and a business-rule Java/JavaScript layer.
  • Developing dashboards to monitor pipelines health and performance.
  • Adding UI tools to help business and support teams gather/test/analyze data faster.
  • As of August 2019, leading a team of 5 engineers.
    • Using Agile Scrum with biweekly sprints and quarterly project planning.
    • Direct collaboration with stakeholders to refine business requirements, interpret requirements into technical language for further development.
    • Interviewing and onboarding new hires. Mentoring team members.

Web Analytics app
May 2017 - June 2018
Data Import part
  • Defined AngularJS components design to enable customization of Local and Salesforce data importing process.
  • Implemented various UI validation rules and hints to prevent potential misuse of data importing features.
  • Initiated app migration from AngularJS to Angular/TypeScript, wrote design documents and transition procedure.
User Management part
  • Extended custom Angular controls with Forms functionality to track their editing state and validity.
  • Implemented Nested Editable Sessions concept with possibilities to save/discard changes. A session allows to combine Angular templates/reactive forms, custom form controls and reason about their editing state.

Business certification app
April 2016 - April 2017
  • Developed JavaScript REST client to query learning resources. Created promise-based ChainedDataStream enabling multiple resources act like a single and provide paginated data until all resources are sequentially exhausted.
  • Added UI performance tracking, which allowed to catch bottlenecks in API, server-side rendering and AngularJS views.
  • Designed and implemented AngularJS components architecture for Material version of Status page. Collaborated with UX and business teams to finalize use cases.

Pixable at   iTechArt
June 2014 - December 2015
Pixable was :( a social-media web app with a focus on News & Entertainment
  • Awesome feeling of defining a tech stack and building a project from scratch
  • Major work was devoted to developing core functionality: client/server routing, MVC parts for both sides, Angular modules/directives/services, leveraging Bootstrap SASS and creating custom mobile-first designs
  • Implemented unobtrusive tracking to Google Analytics, Mixpanel and own database
  • Covered main modules with unit tests
Subproject Tasks:
  • A tool was developed to allow 3party contributors write articles and publish them
  • Wide use of Angular UI (router, grid, multiselect), custom directives, custom image uploader
  • Implemented controls (de)serialization
Technologies & Tools: PHP/Laravel, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SASS, Grunt, Karma / Jasmine, Git, NPM

Moves&Shakes  at   iTechArt
December 2013 - May 2014
MovesAndShakes allows subscribers to watch interactive videos, make smart decisions, get reports with expert comments
Tasks & Accomplishments
  • This project was my first team leading experience, I was responsible for the estimates and Customer demos
  • Defined project setup from scratch - fullstack JavaScript
  • Developed server side views based on Swig and client side components based on Knockout, applied designs to them using Bootstrap and custom Less styles
  • Added CSV reporting
  • Implemented video player module, with adapters to Brightcove and Wistia service providers
Technologies & Tools: NodeJS, Mongo, Mongoose, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap, LESS

GovernmentJobs GovernmentJobs  at   iTechArt
March 2013 - October 2013
Web Application for searching & applying to jobs online
Tasks & Accomplishments
  • Took part in developing step-by-step personal details wizard, steps were equally divided between team members, each step had a set of editable-in-place controls
  • Created client/server side converters to map Knockout models with ASP.NET
  • Developed a hierarchy of client side ViewModel components and collections of them, interfaces. Wide use of inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism and composition reduced a lot of code duplication
Technologies & Tools: ASP.NET MVC with C#, KnockoutJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS, Git

Kaspersky  at   SaM Solutions
October 2010 - February 2013
Web App development using SDL Tridion CMS
Tasks & Accomplishments
  • Developed a variety of custom ASP.NET controls (like interactive Calendar), wrapped into Tridion components
  • Was monitoring and maintaining websites using IIS7, improved performance
  • Created WCF services to gather/edit/save data, MS Excel sync
Technologies & Tools: SDL Tridion, ASP.NET WebForms, jQuery, XML, XSLT, MS SQL, IIS

... other projects are far-far away and they will always stay in my heart

I also did some freelance
developed a simple ASP.NET MVC CMS and used it to create a couple of websites
e.g. Website for a business in industrial safety area
This helped me understand the whole delivery process, from database to html, from hosting to SEO


Belarusian State University
2005 - 2010
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science